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Sherlock: how it became a global phenomenon

The Telegraph 27 декабря 2013

“I’m very glad everyone is finally seeing it. It’s been like living with a terrible burden.” - хаха, а кому легко?!

Gatiss has enormous respect for Holmes’s ability to understand the world’s complexity. “I believe very strongly,” he says, “that one of the reasons why Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson have survived so long is not just because of their immutable friendship, it’s because Sherlock as a character brings order to chaos. That’s the consolation he provides.” And Gatiss sees similar qualities in the role he has assigned himself in the drama – Sherlock’s brother Mycroft, the fastidious state spymaster. “He’s the British government version of the same idea. You suspect that there’s only stupidity and incompetence, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that there was someone like that there?”
Never has this sense that Holmes is a master of data been more brilliantly portrayed than in Sherlock.

Benedict Cumberbatch reveals exactly how Sherlock survived that epic rooftop fall

Express 28 декабря 2013

So did Benedict deduce the outcome?
“To be honest, I think I lied in the last interview I gave and you’re genuinely going to get the scoop,” laughs the 37-year-old star when we meet for a chat in a boutique London hotel, where reporters have spent the morning trying to make him spill the beans. “I genuinely can’t remember whether I guessed or not. I like to think I got close, because I’m playing the guy. But you won’t be disappointed. It’s ingenious, it’s witty. It’s everything it should be.”

No spoilers then, but he will say that the scenes involved some actual leaping.

“I think I’m allowed to say that I did my own stunt. I jumped off St Bart’s, which was great fun,” he adds, and no, he didn’t find it too difficult keeping the secret.
“It’s not a burden that I wake up with every morning and worry about, to be honest. I’m excited for people to see it, but it’s not too onerous a task. I’m carrying quite a few secrets with me at the moment as far as my job goes, so it’s fine,” he says.
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