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Guess what Benedict Cumberbatch gave Joel Edgerton for his birthday?

Speaking to Xposé’s Peter O'Riordan on the red carpet at the World Premiere of "Exodus Gods And Kings", Joel revealed what he got for his 40th birthday from Benedict Cumberbatch.
When asked what was the best gift he got for this birthday, the 40-year-old actor explained:
“Benedict Cumberbatch gave me some weird stuff. He gave me some pens that were pens on the bottom and at the back end they were cutlery. So you could write something and then you could eat your soup.”
The Australian actor plays Egyptian pharaoh Ramses in the biblical tale directed by Ridley Scott.
Joel was very touched by Benedict’s thoughtful gesture:
“It was lovely because we had only just met and started working together and he was thoughtful and mindful enough to give me a gift.”
“This is giving the ladies even more reason to love Benedict,” Joel added.
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