aneitis (aneitis) wrote,

Who would win at Cluedo or chess?

BC: I think Mycroft would win at it all, really. I think that's the kind of set-up, sadly.

MF: Mycroft would be on the verge of beating Moriarty, but Moriarty would probably find a way of slashing his throat with a piece of curtain wire or something, you know. Just as he was about to make his winning move. No - I can’t have the baddies winning, I want the goodies to win. I’m gonna say, Mycroft.

AA: Moriarty would come nowhere.

RG: I’m going to say Sherlock all the time but I’ve got a sneaking feeling - I think that if the nuclear bomb goes off, it’s the cockroaches and Mycroft who’ll be left. That’s what I think.
Tags: Шерлок

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